Berryvale Lodge

Luxury accommodation in a friendly environment with personalised service.
Full country breakfasts with orchard fresh fruits, jams & marmalades made from our own fruit & berries.

A working berry farm where you are welcome to pick your own blueberries, raspberries or boysenberries during December, January.

Visit in winter & you will be warmed by the large log fire or visit in the spring & enjoy the wildflowers & orchard blossom. In the autumn wonder at the colours of the deciduous trees & in the summer our extensive garden offers plenty of shady nooks.

For the animal lovers we have miniature ponies, donkeys, a large collection of parrots as well as a very friendly dog & cat. Our chooks provide fresh eggs for your breakfast.

Nestled against State Forest on two sides and overlooking farms & orchards guests can enjoy the wonders of the jarrah forest with plenty of wonderful walks & an abundance of wildflowers in the spring. All our rooms are airconditioned with electric blankets
and TV.

“Excellence is our only option”

Modern Promotional Products

Modern Promotional Products

Promotional products are not new to the marketing scene by any means; however, that does not mean they have stayed the same since their nascent stages. When you are creating promotional products for your business, it is important that you craft them for a modern audience. Failure to do may mean that you miss out on business deals.

Include the Right Information on Promotional Products
If you consider the people who are rising into the ranks of purchasing power these days, you should also take a look at the ways in which they communicate. Many of them probably prefer to send an email or text message or to visit a social media website over making a phone call. While you should still definitely include your phone number on the promotional products, you also need your website and social media pages on there too. If you do not currently have the latter two, then you need to start creating them to stay relevant.

Use the Right Font and Style
Taking a look at many times these days, you will notice that they use a sleek and chic style. In the event that the writing on your promotional products look as though it came out of the middle of the 20th century, you are likely turning a number of customers away. Take a look at the fonts and styles that are popular nowadays. Of course, the right ones will depend upon the members of your target audience and what their desires are.

Know Buzzwords in Your Field
The way that people talk about certain products and services changes as the years go on. For example, you might be a vendor who works in the food service business, providing cuisine and beverages to many individuals. Consider what is popular now in terms of food and drinks. Many individuals like to eat products that are organic. Therefore, you should work to create an organic menu and to let individuals know about it. Movements in terms of healthy eating and eating products that are vegetarian and vegan are popular now too, so you want to work to create options for those individuals. It is not enough to create the options though; you also need to advertise about these changes on your promotional products

USB Drives promotional products

Know the World
In addition to knowing what is popular in your field, you also must have a sense of what your target audience cares about in terms of more worldly issues. Integrate these ideas into your promotional products. For example, many people these days care greatly about the environment. Therefore, you can let individuals know that you are friendly to the environment on your promotional products. When individuals see this information on your promotional products, they may feel encouraged to become customers.

Making modern promotional products is necessary when you want to stay ahead in this marketplace. Your competition has probably already taken these steps to become relevant in modern times. Therefore, failure on your part to do so could mean failure for your business.

Use a Promotional USB to Advertise

Use a Promotional USB to Advertise

There are many different ways to promote your company or business to would-be customers. However, you want to find one that will be the most effective for your money. Your budget may not be that large at the moment and you are wary of putting too much cash into just one thing. If this is the case, consider the purchase of promotional products to get your brand name out there. One product in particular, a promotional USB port, is one product that will grab the attention of everyone who gets one. 

Online Company or Brick-and-Mortar Store

It doesn’t matter the type of company or business you are running. Your store may be one that has been in the family for years, or you might be starting off online and need to advertise to bring in new customers. Either way, a promotional USB giveaway will help you bring awareness back to your physical building or to your website online. Every eight out of ten consumers own at least one or more promotional products and fifty-three percent of those people use them one or more times per week. Your product, especially something that is as useful as a promotional USB, will be used repeatedly by consumers for years. 

Why a Promotional USB Stick Works

Consumers are more likely to pick up a promotional product if they believe they can use it. One product that will certainly get used is a promotional USB stick. Almost everyone has a computer at home or works with one in their place of business. A promotional USB stick is perfect for saving and transferring pictures, videos, files, documents and more. Students often use USB sticks throughout their entire school career. Even grammar school students are being taught at an early age how to use a computer, and a USB stick is often a requirement on the school supply list. Giving this type of product away will be a hit with almost everyone who receives it as most consumers will find a use for a promotional USB

Advertise Your Giveaway through Social Media

There are many ways to give away your promotional products after you make a purchase and are anxious to get started advertising. The use of social media is one that not everyone thinks about! You probably already have a Facebook and/or Twitter account for your business, so put it to good use. Offer a free promotional USB for every “like’ or “share” of your company. Since a promotional USB stick is very light, you won’t spend much to mail them out to potential customers. It is a very effective way to get your brand known online with little to no effort on your part.

Wristband promotional USBs

Versatility of the Promotional USB

The Versatility of the Promotional USB

Promotional items are a great way to further brand your business, but there are several things to consider. First, you have to make sure the item has perceived value to your target market and then, you have to be sure it is affordable for your business to offer. One of the most popular items to use in a wide variety of business types is the promotional USB.

In today’s busy, tech world, a lot of people use USB drives on a daily basis. Your targeted market is guaranteed to consider them a valuable item and mostly because of the high usability factor. Give them a pen and they may use it, but it is not going to give them the same feeling that they get when you provide them with a promotional USB that has been branded with your company information.

Saver Flash Drives promotional usb

While the promotional USB is going to have a higher cost than some of the smaller items you could use, such as a pen, you will find that they are actually quite affordable. Depending on how you plan to use them in your business, you could easily spend less on the Promotional USB Drive marketing strategy than you could the cost to advertise your business in almost any type of media.

Ease of Branding
Branding company information on a promotional USB is also very simple to do. It is possible to get USB drives in company colors and have your business information imprinted on the sides of them. This information will stand out whenever one uses them, potentially putting your business name and details in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Marketing Options
With a promotional USB, there are many different options for using them in your marketing. You can give them away to new customers, give them away to customers who purchase a certain amount from you, or give them away at trade shows or other events. They are the perfect opportunity to show your targeted market that you appreciate their business.

While there are many different promotional items to choose, including pens, calendars, umbrellas, and coffee mugs, the promotional USB is going to be perceived as a high value item by the majority of your customers. It is easy to brand and affordable, which makes it the perfect addition to your marketing strategy. Once you decide on this item, the only thing left is deciding how you are going to use it to brand your business.

Virtual Promotional Products

Virtual Promotional Products

Gone are the days where all businesses owners knew all of their customers by name and face. In fact, you may never even know the majority of your customers or even any of them at all. That is a facet of conducting business online. Still though, you want to find ways to incorporate promotional products and to keep your company fresh in the minds of potential customers.

Host Local Events and Distribute Promotional Products
If local branches of your business exist, then you have the opportunity to host local events and to distribute promotional products at them. The issue comes with advertising these events since you have different branches. In fact, you may not even have a physical office at all. Therefore, you should advertise on the places where modern customers often look, which would be social media outlets. Building up anticipation for the event through updates, photos and videos can help to ensure that it is a success. Promotional Products

Send Promotional Products
Another way to get promotional products to your customers is to send them with their purchases. When you have an order come through, you may want to send a shirt, pen or bag along with it. Engaging in this practice for every order that comes through is likely going to cost you too much money. Therefore, you may want to offer promotional products to first-time customers. You could also consider distributing them for a limited period of time only. Whoever orders products during that time period gets the promotional products.

Create a Rewards System
If you want to ensure that you can distribute promotional products to customers even after the first time that they order, you can set up a rewards system. For example, you may offer a credit card that allows customers to build up points to get their next promotional products. However, some people do not want to add any more credit card debt to their current load, so you can also just do a rewards card. People can enter their card code when they make purchases; for each purchase, they can add more points. Once they reach a certain number of points, they can obtain a reward.

Backsacks promotional products

Online Promotional Products
The modern world of technology has allowed individuals to become quite creative with the goods that they offer. Therefore, you may want to create a promotional background for social media pages that users can implement with their profile picture. You may also have a niche audience and can create a promotional tool that helps them to better complete the work that they do online. Brainstorm ideas for items that individuals could use on the internet, and you may end up with a prodigious list of modern promotional products.

Promotional products are changing since so many people use technology at a heavy rate. Therefore, you need to adjust the ways that you are creating promotional products in order to keep up with these new trends. By considering ways to bring the products online, you are doing just that.